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Hair cleans itself so why use hair products?

1. Washing hair everyday (chemicals stop the natural hair process). 2. Conditioner & shampoo (strips the hairs natural vitamins don’t use them) 3. Not eating enough fruits or veggies (eat healthy) so hair is less greasy. Hair starts to clean its self after a few days of not using shampoo and conditioner we are human, and our bodies were built to clean without harsh chemicals man made to get rich. How else did the people wash their hair before shampoo and conditioner were invented?  If we never used chemicals on our hair then we would need to wash it out with shampoo and conditioner.

How to keep hair clean naturally

1.       Use vinegar

2.       Cold water is better (won’t break hair)

3.       Use hair brush (when hair is dry)

4.       Don’t use hair products